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SO Hate Me for Carrying One…somewhere in my daily gear

This might sound contorted and tweaked in the most pessimistic way but the opinionated demographic that I have repeatedly interacted with at workplaces suggest that this is by far, the most common perception. A safety pin has been with me at various stages of my life, usually pinned into my schoolbag or college gear by my mom. What once started as an irritating habit that she could not let go, slowly turned into something I started associating with her. I have come across safety pins to be ultra-handy at my work desk, everyday life situations, when traveling, and when preparing myself for a day of repairs at home. Still, the usual perception is skewed and unreasonable in the most comprehensive way. It seems like the work communities am talking about are uninspired by how I relate a safety pin in my office drawer as a connecting medium with childhood memories and perhaps as a part of everyday life management. For me, it happens to be a very versatile tool. I have never been ashamed of spotting one in the depths of my office carry. The opinions associated with a man carrying it are the symptoms of a much larger problem. I would call them downstream symptoms of some things engraved in our mindset during the growing-up years. Is this about being urbanized or culturally well-endowed? Certainly not!

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