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Buy It for the Texture alone...

This has been happening for almost four years now—I have been buying shirts purely because of the texture rather than looking at the shades or various hues of the same primary color. I had bought some Khadi shirts almost a decade back and when they started aging, they developed a unique texture. This was not the worn-down, distressed look but something interesting. Something that takes well to repeated washing and light ironing and does not crease a lot and even when it creases, the overall look is not that bad. This texturing thing is akin to a combination of linen, khadi, and cotton - mixed together. 100% cotton is being branded too casually these days. The result is many cotton shirts not looking the part as the thread count is often too low. The texture I am talking about has a subtle hint of the linen, as if in the background with good cotton at the forefront. This fabric blend is hard to define because my interpretation is different from what the package reads. But invariably this is without any type of spandex or elastane that tends to add a polyester-like sheen. Instead, this fabric blend tends to hang rather well rather than clinging too close to the skin. Linen on its own is highly crushable – something I have always hated. Mixed with cotton in the usual form, it tends to lose its essence. My blend is about a fabric that has no see-through features, looks like linen and khadi blended, with a very summery-cotton type aura about it. My shirt shopping for reasons as illogical as the ones discussed here have taken another leap in the work-from-home ecosystem where I am still buying a lot, wearing very little, and hoping beyond reason that I will again get the opportunity to flaunt a few good ones. As of now, on September 7th, 2021, the fact is that buying more clothes is just about feeling good rather than bringing about any practical utility. Have some money? Use it a bit to buy a few moments of happiness and hopefully, some of these worldly possessions will become useful when the new normal goes away and the conventional normal is back!

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