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Why not take an adventure trip within your home with almost zero gear? [DIY Anxiety Management]

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What seemed like an empty patch of floor in our reserve bedroom now challenges me - I must do mountain climbers and skull-crushers to ensure my physicality is maintained to some extent. I haven't stepped out, not compared myself with others at the gym or done anything drastic, and still, this challenge is huge as daily motivation levels can vary and I tend to be dicey with time management. What am I talking about? The fact that your home itself can be the canvas for some adventure type activity without Googling the best nearby locations for a weekend break!

You can easily do things that help to challenge your overall fitness with basic supplies at home. There is no camping or hiking gear involved here. This is about getting adventurous with the least important things that are found in nearly every household. Lately, I started doing mountain climbers and as compared to push-ups these are much more full-body involving and can be done in so many ways. But then, there are a million push-up varieties too. So, let us not compare them. If you could combine mountain climbers with push-ups, 30 minutes can seem like an eternity. Plus, all you need to do them is a plain, empty floor and a towel, because you will sweat a lot for sure! These are two core-killers and seriously, even if you happen to be in good shape, 5 sets of each, alternated, can leave you panting, sweating and almost blushing...just like the after-glow. The rushing of blood also kills the anxiety pangs. It keeps you occupied even after wrapping-up the session as the body is trying to cool itself and recuperate from the torture you just unleashed!

One Exercise for Most Core Gains - Fast, Slow, Sides Variations

Another home-based exploration can be DIY car care, inside-out. Everyone knows how to wash or wax and clean a car but how many people actually do it all together? You have to start with dry dusting, followed by soaping, pressure hosing and then allowing your vehicle to dry. Take a breather while the car dries-up. Now, coat the insides and external surfaces with a good waxing compound and buff. This has to take at least 1 hour and by the end of it, you would have completed the most complex, fully-body workout without even knowing it. This tires your body and engages your mind in the most unexpected ways. Every inch of your body feels stretched. It is like a complete workout, cardio and muscular with good stretching, and helps to use-up those free hours and tires you sufficiently to fall asleep like the dead.

You have to try spray painting. The spray cans are easily available on Amazon stores these days and there is so much you can do with them. From planters to pots and all surfaces that are rusting, you can spray-paint them into new glory. The only thing is doing some prep in terms of covers and sheets that don't allow the underlying and surrounding surfaces to catch the spray. You want painting and not discoloration or spotting, so ensure the spraying room is pretty much free from stuff that can be wrongly coated. Try to play around with colors. Have patience of allowing each coating to dry before applying the next one. This is easy, artsy-crafty sorts and brings back the enthusiasm we once had during the schooling years. You can even find reasonably priced finishing cans, overcoat supplies, and items to lend the perfect finishing touch. For the uninitiated, this can be really engrossing and fun. There is so much to self-learn, learn via self-exploration. Just Google priming and you discover a whole lot of science about surface preparation when it comes to DIY painting jobs.

Try the single-legged pose and its many variations. What seems easy and doable can be a bit embarrassing and gives you the opportunity to laugh at yourself. If you can do it already, perhaps it is time to hold the pose for a much longer period and timing yourself. If you are a starter, this is like discovering how your body communicates to balance itself. Yes, you realize the mechanism via which, the upper & lower back, the hands & arms, waist & sides, and your mind work together to uplift and keep the body positioned in a different way. It is like uncovering new zones and sensations in your body. Give it a couple of tries and it will roll-out to be more interesting than it seems. Remember, you are not doing this to lose weight but just to do something different! No goals. No objectives. Just for the sake of trying it.

Try to be a dust-buster. When is the last time you really did any type of home-care activity that shone through? Nothing can be as rewarding as cleaning-up the house in a way that your entire family or the partner craps their pants. No wait, no crapping of any type needed. That would neutralize the cleaning thing. So, what I am trying to say is that if you really get into cleaning the garage and the basement and attic, there is so much that you will uncover and perhaps even reconnect, within the same home you have been occupying for ages. Attack the cobwebs that need to be destroyed. The floor mats are not your friends any more. Those niggling crevices need the seriousness of a nuclear scientist. The peeling paint strips are a shout for help. All damp patches are your enemy and the mopping tools are now your weapons of mass destruction. Every & any and of all types, Dust, Debris and Grime should feel your wrath!

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