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Those things where everything superficial matters the most!

If you thought that this was going to be another discussion about people and human behavior, you are seriously mistaken - this is about the goodness of baked foods and how we should approach them. I believe it is all about the crust - the quality of it - the crumbliness - the break-ability and much more. Let me school you into this:
  • A crust that breaks and splutters and crackles but does not fall away invariably means the insides are decently cooked too
  • A crust that is naturally textured with cracks and crevices is most likely for the inner, more subtle flavors to rise to the surface
  • Crusts that are moist tend to spoil the charm of biting into something. Even if you want chocolaty goodness inside, you expect the bite to actually "bite" and not stoop to softened surfaces
  • There is nothing like a flawless crust. Consider goods handmade by an artisan. Every item, though created repeatedly during the day, has something, making each item special - the crust does that to your cookie, biscuit, cake, etc. 
  • Crusts are aesthetic too. Do you look at the filling of a patty when buying it? Nopes! The crust is your influencer - the key parameter - the difference-maker
  • Crusts that are overtly buttered or have too much fat might make you rethink your choices based on the calorie count but these also mean that the first bite will hit the soul, make a dent on your cerebral cortex and challenge your grey matter to transmit signals of not eating more

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