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Stop Hopping Places...Stay Steady, Do the Grind & Flourish!

stay steady at workplace dont quit easy
There is no harm in feeling defeated at the workplace, there are no points lost for thinking that your parents don't support your enthusiasm but there is something wrong about quickly quitting what you started or dropping what once drove your passion. There is a certain sense of accomplishment, that feeling you drive from having proven your point that comes with standing your ground, saying it to yourself that unless you drop dead, you are not going to duck the storm. Why am I sounding so philosophical today? Just that I was on LinkedIn today and happened to come across a friend, a schoolmate, who is now professionally far-far better positioned than I am. Why?

He didn't score more than me on school tests, did not attend a better university and did not have family money driving the new Audi into the garage - the difference lies in one damn thing - when I decided to change course for an easier way out, he stayed put. While I steered through the narrow streets of easy-to-do-things, he ran the marathon, panting and bleeding. Now that we are working adults, having chosen our industry and specializations, his resume, like him, wears the scars of his battles with proud, each blemish actually a skill earned whereas I barely accommodate a moisturizer, trying to wear a veil that camouflages the face. Choose Wisely | Meek Must Die | Fight Back!

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