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Fruits with Aesthetics: what is it about happy lemons?

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Do you relate personalities with fruits or vegetables?
Happy in his own world, fully aware of its red, enviable form – that is how I can describe the apple's aesthetics. Bananas on the other hand have banal personalities, complete with an unenthusiastic color. However, I still couldn’t understand when this guy in a TV sitcom kept saying 'happy lemons' like a phrase to suggest someone feeling rather good without a genuine reason. Invariably, how you interpret the visuals of a food item is highly inspired by how you react to their taste or flavor. You cannot call mangoes happy and cheerful if you hate the fleshy sweetness.

This discussion is trying to do this difficult job – decode fruit personas without caring about their taste!

Lemons would invariably be associated with a feeling of freshness and re-invigoration owing to the color. Bright sunny hues mixed with streaks of almost-fluorescent yellows does the job rather well.
Pomegranates are the direct opposite despite wearing a smart, outer red coat. It is intense and colorful in a different way, almost brooding. The usual feeling of red or maroon being a passionate shade does not surface somehow here. A more hard, inside-out fruit, it seems not to like the idea of sharing. Its little red gems are hidden within, as if the guy is holding on to his life savings.

Papayas look uncared for and for some reason, a bit aged. They have this senior-inspired look that is boosted by small creasing and the outer surface can be very blemished. Watermelons, the more rounded ones, look sporty and happy to roll about without a reason.

Avocados are the right blend of a tight, toned form with a bit of shimmer and a proud persona – they seem very content with how God has shaped them but the same cannot be said about the dragon fruit that looks more reptile and perverse.

Grapes and smaller berry types seem playful and exuberant. All the talk about strawberries being exotic and an aphrodisiac does not make them prettier. They seem overdressed for the occasions but yes, the lusciousness of the outer skin boosts that borderline aura of passion!

Vegetables too
I have come across some veggies too with a personality aura. For instance, cabbages seem old and wrinkled and layered with wisdom, lots of layers equals infinite wisdom. Potatoes seem lazy and self-sufficient, like the refugees in a population, not caring for their uncared, soiled form. Does it happen to you also? Do you relate personalities with different fruits or vegetables?

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