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An apple pie a day can make Jack a less enthusiastic boy
...not my best rhyme by far!
Like anyone who was born in the 80s, I have had some fascination about postcards mailed by people from faraway cities, especially international destinations. As I grew up, traveling seemed to get less challenging, more celebratory and without the premium that people once put on postcards. The traveling demographic today is rather drastically convenient that perhaps a good journey or a memorable trips seems readily attainable. Back in the day, receiving these postcards meant a lot of sighing.
We used to have surreal visuals of how the backdrop would look life and we, with our latest sunglasses or denims, would look better in the image. Often, me and my sister would get hold of the Atlas or world stamps quickly after reviewing the postcards, almost sure that we would be able to point out the exact location and subtly, would also promise each other of traveling to this promised land some day. Compared to colored Polaroids and snapshots we carry in our digital safe-keeps, these images seemed to have a lot more depth but then it was perhaps due to this being from an era of just-about-sufficient rather than the current norm of everything being more, louder, readily available...the romance of it all has been lost! 
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