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6 Strength Training Exercises Most Young Men Might be Missing!

Picture of Gym Motivation for Exercising Harder
This discussion is on Strength Training based on the data available on – Click Here to view the original discussion. The original editorial piece talks about 30 such underrated exercises but I am going to discuss the ones that I feel are most relevant. Some of these, I have been able to get going with not too many reps, some I think of returning too while some, like the extreme back-bends, might be doable by the end of this month. Now, the actual discussion:

1. Cable Pull-Through Gym Exercise: please note that am not a big fan of cable-linked exercises. Though they could be great, I could never get around all the contraption-like aura of it. This particular exercise is easy to Google. You will find lots of videos on how to do it. Invariably, this is for the lower body. The video clips are handy to understand the range of motion that seems very butt-centric.
The gains are expected along the lower back too. However, this can be done without the cable.
This is where I want to pitch-in about free-hand exercises that use weights that are not connected via cables and chords. The cable pull-through can be done using only dumbbells. The movement has to be slightly jerky, but not toe the extent that you are not keeping your back almost parallel to the ground. I think of this as a core exercise too though many gym experts say that this is more for strengthening and endurance building.

Exercise harder for more gym gains - poster
2. Chest Pullovers using Bench: an exercise that is so easy when viewed on YouTube but do it yourself and most likely, you will realize that what seems like a simple movement is actually rather complex. The dumbbell has to be stopped just as you cross your chin. Some folks stop it above their forehead and many take it all the way to the chest cage. I think you need to control the weight and use a heavier one too. Some fitness gurus call this the ideal squat-like exercise for building chest. However, the pectorals will be challenged only when you use high-range weights and minimum reps. You also need to do this at least twice a week to view sizeable gains. I have seen some folks do this with a cable-attached weight that can go back but does not dip as much as the free weight. Using dumbbell also means that your triceps will be engaged a lot more – you definitely want this as no real chest exercise can be done properly without keeping the triceps truly occupied – the more, the better!

Choose standing over sitting shoulder pressing
3. DIY STANDING Military Press, NOT sitting:
I have been a slower learner at the gym but there are small notes I made all along and many of them have proven to be true. Many people commit the mistake of turning the military press into the push press. This is done when you sit rather than stand with legs being shoulder-apart – the ideal way to do it. This engages the core more. Your stability muscles are used more. Doing the press without engaging the entire neck and upper back seems like a waste to me. Many guys do the press without bringing the weight down properly, usually pushing it up as soon as it dips near the circumference of the head. Also, you want some serious reps. This is not an overnight bulking exercise that will put inches on your shoulders or neck. Military presses take a few weeks to start delivering results. Do them right, do them a lot and always, stand!

4. Slow Goblet Squats: if I would ever be complimented for understanding exercise movement and regimens, it would have to be with a mention of the goblet—I swear by this exercise to cut down the mid-section flab and work the inner glutes and thighs. This is one big, body-balancing movement. The weight has to be heavy. Lightweight with goblets does not work. The movement should be slow and you shouldn’t be bouncing off your knees when coming up. Do this slow for maximum toning effect on the glutes. You will feel the goblet attacking the lower abdominal region – most guys don’t know about this! 

Image of backbends gym motivation
5. ...this remains a big challenge for me since it seems to challenge the back in a very different way [BTW - I am not the guy in the picture. These are snapshots from YouTube]. Backbends are not meant for first-time gym explorers. Get your conditioning up first.

Pinched Deadlif Image - downloaded shared
6. ...pinched deadlifts is something I plan to try this week. Will update you about my first attempts. Looks doable but the stretch, the arch could be painful!

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