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People will not stay with YOU, neither is the expectation real #wisen-up!

Image created using Canva about not trying to bond too much at work
Think of me as a manager who brings a team-first perspective to the workplace, every day. However good that might sound, this is not really the best approach when you are working in a setup that has constant churning of resources, the exits are quick, often impromptu, seldom unplanned and you are essentially, almost on your own when it comes to doing something for the team. It has been a handful of years at my current stint and I believe that this duration has helped me grasp one big realization – you might have the best intentions for the team but it is not really wise to expect them to reciprocate the gesture. Why? Simple – the salary-for-work environment puts everyone in a certain place.

To be a better manager, be a more realistic person first
Try working outside this zone, thinking it is a comforting ecosystem you are creating for your team, and you are doomed. Nobody comes into a team with the idea that the reporting manager would have their back no matter what – it is always a work-first approach and this is how it should be. As a manager, if you start investing too much faith, start believing that cooperating beyond the official endoskeleton should make an employee feel better-footed, the expectations are highly misplaced. Keep it real. Ensure that work-related conversations always take precedence over sympathizing with someone. Always ensure there are regular team meetings rather than unplanned birthday cake-cutting gigs. It is a job at the end of day that makes ends meet, for the organization and the people who work in it – when you start getting overprotective about your team, you are cannibalizing the unspoken rules at work – it is your fault. #getbetter #stayreal

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