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Daily Vitamins & Enzyme Toothpaste: Am I guilty of dumping too much in my body?

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As a society that is struggling to sustain natural flavors and nutrition in its daily consumption, there is a big question about the use of supplementing with multi-vitamins. The jury seems divided. Most physicians will say there is no harm in using these over-the-counter pills since they don’t pose any harm. The other half says that we are dumping too much into our body, not realizing how much is actually useful. The argument just seems to go on and on. There is a strong verdict that most of the multi-vitamins we consume are not absorbed by our body. Now, does that mean we should double our dosage or simply dump this habit altogether? My viewpoint is that there is no guarantee to clean the food chain and restore its former purity. We are caught in a lifestyle that leaves little room for looking after our health. If 30 minutes of exercising and some multi-vitamins can give us the peace of mind of having made the effort to be healthier, then why not take the chance?

Now, I have moved on to using a blend of multi-vitamins. This includes:

  •     Iron/Hemoglobin supplement called Haem-Up
  •     A mineral supplement called CoBaDex CZS
  •     Vitamin B supplement called B Capsule
The list might seem a bit too long to some people but I am trying to consume more of difficult or trace elements like Chromium, Zinc and Selenium.

Enzyme Toothpaste: another dental industry brainwash or is this for real?

I was exercising in the morning with the radio playing and I heard this advertisement—a new kind of toothpaste has been introduced and it contains enzymes. The pitch is that enzymes have a natural cleaning effect. They can eat away the tartar that causes yellowing of teeth. The toothpaste contains fruit enzymes so it is kind of organic too. My understanding of enzymes is for digestion purposes. I know that people use enzyme tablets for better digestion. So, there is no health threat per se. However, enzyme action for cleaner, sparkling teeth? Hmm…not too sure about this. Would need to try it out and let you folks know. If you already know what this science is all about, plz enlighten us.

Updated on March 5, 2018

Pic for Digestive Enzymes created via

I have tried three types of enzyme tablets so far. I am sharing the effect and results with each of them and the latest attempt at getting the digestive enzyme equation right. I have also added some observations to help you make a more educated decision:

Digiplex: happens to be one of the most famous old-world enzyme tabs that is not found that easily now. Last I heard, Abbott had taken the ownership away from the parent brand which is fully Indian. Expected to be back in circulation soon. With Digiplex, the 30 minute after or before meal equation is not that sensitive. You can use the tablet even if it has been an hour since you last had your big meal. Yes, ensure that you use it when having a heavy or more proper meal.

Otherwise, the effect is somewhat like an anti-fibrous diet that can contribute to constipation. You want Digi to work for your anti-bloating benefits and to help process a bigger, fat-heavy meal. My maximum count was three, i.e. one each with each big meal of the day. Very safe, used by much, much older folks too. The formula is a rich enzyme mix. There is no activated charcoal or metals like Aluminum or Bismuth for specifically tackling bloating or gassiness but Digiplex still works!

Unizyme: perhaps the most obvious option when it comes to the world of easily available, over the counter enzyme medications. This is enriched with activated charcoal to ensure there is no build-up of gas in your abdomen. Remember my father using it a lot when his eating habits went for a six, working around the clock at Citibank. My personal experience says that Uni-enzyme is a bit milder as compared to Digiplex. You might need to take a couple instead of one when tackling a heavy meal like gravy chicken items and Dal Makhni together. Much cheaper than Digiplex, Uni acts in a similar way but its enzyme formulation is a lot simpler. Not my first preferences but there are days when you don't get Digiplex at any chemist store and you need an alternative – this is where Unizyme comes to the rescue!

PancreatoFlat: this is my latest enzyme trial and it seems to be working. Rounded, much smaller than both Unizyme and Digiplex, this enzyme mix seems to have the right mix of digestive stimulants, fat-processing catalyzers and then, it has a compound for dispersing the build-up of acidity or bloating. Not using it excessively because, like I told you, you want to go light on enzyme tablets. The overuse can cause a constipation-like effect!

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  1. Just saw this new version of Unienzyme a few days back..with some PLUS in the name - seems like a better version that combines pre and post biotics though for me, having biotics with pre seemed sufficient. Also seems to have something to ensure the bloating and feeling of fullness is tackled


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