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Moha is on a Roll...Whoops! Was Talking about the 'Mohal Roll'

Image of Homemade Egg Roll Green Vegetable SidesThis is about smart cooking, passionate and driven by a desire to recreate recipes in a way that something as rushed as a Breakfast seems a more celebrated affair - something to look forward to! Moha had been observing how I have this keen interest in things that are rolled-up, filled to the curled brim with the goodness of veggies and leafy contents. The ideas were already rushing to her mind and recently she put them to good execution, creating a roll that had some very lovable traits.
Just summarizing them here:

- unlike the roomali roti roll where the bread is too bland and thin, the wheat-ful bread was thin, as thin as a thin-crust pizza and still very malleable 

DIY egg cuisine exploration at home
- we are in the middle of a cultural shift that is becoming more cheesy. However, Moha's version was less generous, using the cheese minimal only to create that luscious texture that I came across every 2 to 3 bites
- the veggies were cut to the smallest pieces, good enough to be used along with a binding agent, but not so tiny that they played around like a crazy football within the roll
- unlike the usual egg rolls, the egg layering was on the outside, not too crips as you don't want the exterior to crumble too much
Image of Mushroom Green Veggie Salad Sides
- bitting the Moha Roll was easy as the bread was soft without being stretchy and the filling was well settled, ensuring that messy eater like me did not spill things repeatedly 
- rather than stuffing the canoe-like roll, the handful of mushroom-y filling was served as a type of side-dished, topped with fresh coriander
- This meant I actually had a reason to pause while gulping down the rolled beauty, using my fork to play around with the proud mushrooms, often combining them with beetroot slices, kind of skewering them through the fork's fangs
- using mushrooms was a great choice though Moha detests them. They are meaty and a mouthful when eaten along with other veggies
- no margarine, no dripping butter, not overdone with any creamy sauce that tends to overpower and undermine the flavor of fresh vegetables

The most recent creations for which I will be uploading freshly clicked images later, include:

  • A certain type of blend that combines the crispiness of a French toast with the dryness of a well roasted burger patty and borrows the cooking method of a bread roll. The result is this non-cheesy egg creation that is so easy to bite into. I am calling them egg-bread-rolls for the moment without an iota of creativity making its way into the nomenclature.
  • Another recent addition has been a Moha version of the sunny side up egg that is not flowing at all. This might sound strange but the gooiness has been replaced by slightly poached and static yolk discs that don't flow and have some oregano covering. These are combined with slightly toasted slices and then put on the pan for a few minutes for the egg filling and the bread to form a bond.

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