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DIY Anxiety Management: Need that Morning Sense of Calmness

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There is one challenge that has constantly been biting me – the inability to dress-up in a calm, relaxed manner when getting ready for the daily drive that leads me to the office. Why? Am a chronic anxiety sufferer and despite my best efforts, the smallest of changes in plan for the day, from change of breakfast menu to running any small errand that might surface at the last moment, I tend to get a bit agitated. During winters, this feeling is somewhat controlled as I don't sweat as much but during summers, the feeling can be excruciatingly bothersome.

Easy, DIY Anxiety Management Tips

I have tried morning meditation but I keep losing out due to being irregular. For me, starting the day without any anxiety spasms is necessary for a good day at work, for feel better during the course of the day and for ensuring that I don't bring on any more anxiousness, especially the type that is uncalled for since the morning routine leading to the work-desk is common to all the millennials and does not seem to be a huge challenge for them. The smallest things that need me to rush things, like driving fast to make-up for the minutes lost during the morning laziness can get me sweating. And I sweat rather profusely. For me, the morning regimen should be all about happy vibes, kissing my wife, sharing something good about the day to unfold...

The massive list of events/things that tend to disturb the morning schedule:

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- team members dropping messages about their leaves
- the morning tea being a bit undercooked
- not finding something tastefully sweet along with the morning tea
- unable to deliver a big payload in the bathroom
- wet floors that need to be air dried
- news channels barking about deaths and calamities
- realizing that lunch is going to repeat something from yesterday...hardly happens now!
- feeling bloated
- feeling stuffed due to indulgences last night
- waking with thoughts running through the mind
- realizing am time-challenged for trimming facial hair
- unable to concentrate when doing the Om jaap
- weird dreams that are more of a supressed emotion or thought
- anything financial that has gone wrong and needs to be corrected during the course of day
- thoughts of 'should be in the gym'
- a floating thought that am about to begin my day but not in the manner I wanted to and am middle-aged now
- any look on my wife's face which says she is troubled or anxious...she is always my support, NOT always the other way around
- finding out that I have run out of my daily supply of meds that I carry to work
- unable to fit into my old denims or jeans that now seem loosely fitted

...and much more!!


  1. Jan 20th, 2018 - ran into a rickshaw puller today, not fatal or serious in any way, but that got my anxiety pangs started though there was no duel or argument...need to crunch something sweet to settle down :)

  2. There is another side to having a good breakfast and this is not about managing your calories or starting the day with a gastronomic bang - I have noticed that a good breakfast helps me deconnect with any pent-up anxieties, helping me start the day on a better note!


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