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Yuvraj in Tests: A Worthy Selection or Survivor's Sympathy?

Before people start badmouthing me after reading the title to this discussion, let me declare that I am a big Yuvi fan. Yuvraj Singh is one of those rare cricketers who exude passion and panache in a perfectly-blended concoction to win a fan's heart. However, there are some facts that need to be addressed albeit without reading too much into what might happen or what occurred in the recent past. For starters, in the T20 World Cup, Yuvi's lack of fitness was clearly visible. Yes, he was hitting the ball hard but the paunch and the missing dexterity on the field were also visible. His bowling was the only
saving grace. Even now, as the Indian domestic cricket season motors along, Yuvraj Singh is being talked about as a serious prospect of filling the number 6 slot because of his batting and bowling, i.e. bowling being an equally important consideration. It would be presumptuous to say that since Yuvraj Singh has scored a double century recently, he will put the English bowling to sword. Test matches are different from one dayers and no one knows it better than Yuvi himself who has often been found handicapped in playing the longer version of the game. Let us not give-in to the survivor's magnificence that is being associated with Yuvraj at the moment. Let us not become biased towards his selection because he has emerged a winner from a traumatic situation. To be fair, there are more deserving batsmen waiting eagerly to get their due. The question remains, will we select a batsmen based purely upon cricketing parameters or be lured by the survivor's sympathy that is too obvious to ignore. 

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