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Pankaj Sing: The Perpetual Outsider?

He is tall, has got the built for being a fast bowler, packs-in sufficient experience having toiled on the dusty pitches of India and is consistent beyond doubt: the man I am talking about is Pankaj Singh. For some strange reason that is beyond any realm of reasoning, one of the best-performing fast bowlers from the Indian domestic circuit has never been given his due. To his credit, Pankaj Singh has always bowled consistently and that is his prime forte. He is not as fast as Mornie Morkel and cannot hurry the batsmen like Dale Steyn. However, he has the gumption and the discipline that is needed to trouble batsmen in one-dayers and Test matches. Inexplicably, the Indian selection committee have exhibited a shocking case of myopia when considering Pankaj Singh despite
the fact that the likes of Zaheer and Irfan have not been performing up-to-the-mark and Umesh Yadav is still learning the ropes. What India missed during their drubbing in England and Australia was the presence of one, medium-fast consistent bowler who could keep the batsmen on the backfoot without  doing something too heroic. With the English and Aussies arriving, I hope the selectors will wake-up and realize that Pankaj Singh is perhaps the answer to the bowler's conundrum that continues to haunt the national cricket team.

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