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Changing Tracks: Hustling it like Online Shopping Review

I realize that this blog was supposed to be Metro centric but I just could not resist the temptation to share with you guys how is currently using and hustling online shoppers like me on 15 August 2012. For starters, they launched an aggressive email campaign, claiming to offer nearly 80% discount. Further, this section actually had a pretty decent collection. However, as soon as I started choosing, combining and checking-out after spending about 30 mins, the site repeatedly started stating
"bad server connection". When I called up their customer care, the answer was a like a pre-fed response: "there is a technical issue". What I didn't realize at that time was that upon hitting refresh or reviewing my shopping cart every few minutes, the list started getting emptied. For "some" reason, the stock seemed to be withering away every minute! However, every time I chose to proceeded towards buying something away from the discount list, the payment gateway was happy to welcome me!! The site only presented the payment issue until its Clearance list was left to around 10-12 items...isn't is obvious? This was just a marketing gimmick to tantalize, hook and induce online shoppers towards buying more from them. Shame on, calling them an online brand is a blasphemy of retail itself. 

Whoever the manager or CEO running this freak-show is, better know that word about such things gets out pretty quick son! U are not a marketing genius, just played a dumb hand that is gonna become your own strangle-hold. Feel like opening a big can of whup-a** on these jerks. Just another example of why I look down upon the typical MBA professionals: their entire training is focused towards manipulating the consumer mindset and not towards keeping it well-informed or happy.

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