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2011-12: India versus Australia Test Series: Looking Beyond the Obvious

Yes, a lot has already been written about what is going to happen when MSD and his team try to win the Kangaroo Land of cricket. However, it seems that everyone is obsessed with just one thing, i.e. the kind and the number of injuries that are happening. I would like to state that no cricketing nation or for that matter, no sporting nation can put up excuses like retirement of star players or the absence of key players due to injuries. This applies to the cricketing world too. So why is so much being made out of Australia being on a re-building spree and their main players being injured. A defeat is a defeat no matter in which manner and under what circumstances it is achieved.
People tend to remember the scorecards after a few weeks and not things about a nation's cricketing talent, its pool of talent or pedigree. I would further like to state that this is essentially going to be a game of average bowlers against some very good batsmen. Don't forget, Clarke and Ponting are alone to ensure that Australia can pile up about 500+ runs in every innings. So all the noise about the absence of established openers in the Aussie team and the call back for Simon Katisch just doesn't make sense. What matters is the best use both teams can get out of their present resources and that is what they should be reflecting upon rather than talking about injuries, reputations and rankings.

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