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Injuries or Not: You Cannot Put-up Excuses for Being White-washed!!

Okay, so the Indian team is lacking seven or eight of its most key players. Agreed that finding equally good replacements so quickly is not easy. Yes, fielding even eleven fit players is a major headache for Indian team in England at the moment so talking about winning or losing seems secondary...right? Absolutely Not!! For starters,  an international cricket team that is literally swimming in money cannot put up such school kid kind of excuses. Did these cricketers complain or back-out when they were being asked to play cricket beyond their body's tolerance levels? Did they do anything to suggest that they were being overworked besides losing one match after the other? If not, then these players have absolutely no right to criticize the way the games are being managed or the way in which the Indian cricket team's itinerary is planned. If the Board is indecisive and
weak in its management skills or is simply a bit too greedy to ensure the fitness and overall well-being of the players, can't the six, most senior players in the team approach the Board on behalf of the entire Indian Cricket Team and brief them about their demanding schedules and how it is wrecking their bodies? This post might seem to present a lot of questions rather than expressing opinions but the fact is that such shoddy performance and being white-washed 4-0 by England and now, seemingly also in the one day series, is just not acceptable no matter what is happening among the cricket board of India or the players: they are both responsible to answer the followers of the game. 

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  1. one thing I forgot to add was that many of the players were carrying previously diagnosed injuries at the time of participating in the England tour 2011....besides the Board, aren't the players also responsible for not putting forth the truth about their conditioning or physical fitness levels?


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