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Is Resting So Many Players Needed?

Australia has been doing it for some time now and India seems to have suddenly woken up to the fact that its top players need to be rested ocassionally to ensure their well-being for the forthcoming World Cup 2012 and probably, to extend their careers. However, I do not understand the wisdom of resting so many players together. For instance, the Indian team is remarkably short on bowling potential and the Aussies are fielding some sort of an A team! And this is despite the fact that the Aussies are yet to win anything on their Indian trip.
Yes, preparing for the Ashes does seem paramount but doesn't winning matches leading up to a major series the best form of preparation? Australia used to do this in the past too but at that time, they had the kind of bench that could carry-on in the short-term absence of some seniors. I still cannot find anyone in their squad who is even as good as a Ponting or a Mike Hussey so suggesting that they are finding replacements is a bit of fanciful thinking. In this scenario, what is the kind of seriouness attached to the last ODI between Indian and Australia that is to be played in Goa??


  1. I can understand your perspective. the main thing is that these are internationalg games and the viewing public should not be made to feel that these games are unimportant by fielding so many new players...some sort of balacing act is necesssary.

  2. I personally feel that India can ill-afford to adopt this approach. They don't have the bench in terms of bowling resources and would do well to sort-out their bowling combinations before WC 2012.

  3. it is not just "resting" players but also about rotation of players. you have to understand that with the cricket world cup coming and the amount of cricket these guys are playing, injuries have become very fact, india have not fielded a full-strength test team for almost the entire this is somewhat necessary.

  4. India did not rest any of their players in the ongoing test match versus NZ and they are still on the verge of losing badly...what do you have to say to this??

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