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MSD's Honesty eventually dithers!!

It was heartbreaking to see that one of the most honest and forthright captains in contemporary cricket, Mahender Singh Dhoni, was spilling-out excuses in the aftermath of being kicked out of the world cup T20. It was unusual to see MSD so hesitant and confused when asked to give reasons for the team's failure during teh post-match conference. Usually, Dhoni is a picture of being calm and is able to handle all queries with a degree of rustic honesty that had become his trademark. Some commentators even joked that he was so forthcoming in his views about defeat or victory that it was almost impossible for the journalists posing the questions to find the captain on the wrong foot. However, it seems that the recent spate of defeats and the fact that the Indian team has been kicked out of its third, straight world cup campaign proved too much for Dhoni. How else do you explain that the man who openly argued about the un-taxing nature of the IPL and its supposed 'zero effect' on the team's international performance suddenly realized that the late-night parties were eating into his players' energy levels. More than the defeat, it was the manner in which MSD handled the entire after-match period that will make most Indian cricket fans feel edgy about their team's future. To be brutally honest, besides MSD, there isn't a single guy in the team who looks responsible or fit enough to be burdened with Indian cricket captaincy. Every good thing comes to an end...I was hoping, Dhoni's charm would have stayed with us a bit longer..nothing else!


  1. what is shocking is that Dhoni still seems to be shielding some of the outrightly unfir and overweight players like Yuvraj singh and Rohit Sharma...don't these guys have a weighing scale??

  2. To make matters worse, MSD is now complaining about his players partying and drinking. I didn't know that an international captain was supposed to play guardian and parent to the team-members!! I pray that this matter doesn't go the Pakistani way where everybody blames everyone and in the end, the team and the fans suffer endlessly.


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