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Orange caps for International Matches too?

One of the few things that I like about the IPL is their method of issuing orange and purple caps for the tournament's highest run-getter and best bowler, respectively. I am wondering if this can be introduced for international matches. I am not recommending this for tournaments but for every team. This mean that every team can cap and mark-out its most successful bowler, its highest run-getter for the season and may be the Most Valuable Player or MVP too. The MVP system has been used in professional basketball and many other American sports for a long time. This does not do much in terms of making the game more interesting but is just a small change that can seep into the present system and add some value-addition for the TV-watching, cricket audience.


  1. Hmmmm....interesting thought. One of the few original ideas that you have come up with. Yes, it does sound like a good idea...for starters, it is easy to implement and does not suggest any drastic changes and makes it easier to recognize the season's best performers.

  2. sound like a good recommendation. more importantly, this is like a small change that won't lead to opposition from any of the teams and will make tv viewership a bit more interesting...nice one!!

  3. I just want to say one thing-rather than colored caps, isn't it better to use colored arm bands? these are more prominent and slightly stylistic too.


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