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Case of Sour Grapes in IPL3

By the time this article gets published the Kings XI Punjab would have completed a rather comprehensive victory over the Delhi Daredevils in the last of the handful of league matches in IPL2010. It was interesting to note that though the Kings XI team is totally out of contention in terms of making a claim for the last four berths, they keep on passing comments that suggest they want to beat the opposing teams black and blue in their remaining encounters. Even their coach, Tom Moody, has often said in the last few weeks that he was looking forward to spoiling the party for the remaining teams. I just could not understand this viewpoint. I mean, by spoiling some other team's chances of qualifying for the IPL3 semi-finals, is Tom Moody and his team trying to extract some sort of a sweet revenge. Why this sudden intent of not letting other teams to qualify further? I am not suggesting that the Kings XI team should lie flat on the pitch and let their opponents walk over them but why this sudden pre-occupation of 'spoiling' it for others? I simply believe this is a case of sore losers. I have always believed that it takes a real man to accept defeat in a humble manner and it is confirmed now that not many of this type can be found among the red & white uniform holders of the King's XI squad.


  1. You are right to a large extent. even the two most senior players in the Kings XI side, Yuvraj and Sangakarra, have been continuously sobbing over various issues ranging from injuries to key players in their side to tight scheduling and every thing under the Sun!

  2. I agree with you. Just because their side has not done too well this season does not mean that such senior pros turn into absolute cry-babies! the only thing worth seeing in their team is Ms Preity Zinta, how come she is stuck with such a bunch of sore losers??

  3. sour grapes or sweet grapes...I really do not know but what I can tell you that the King's XI team is not what they were last season...Yuvi is out of form and Sangakarra is badly out of ideas.

  4. Talking about sour grapes, you should ask ganguly or for that matter, SRK how they feel after losing out again from gaining a semi-final berth??


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