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How Many Coaches Are Enough?

This is the question I want to pose to some of international captains who seem to be demanding a certain type of coach, every time their respective team shows signs of lagging behind in a certain aspect of the game. Dhoni was the one who called for a full-time fielding coach along with an assistant because the pathetic fielding standards of the Indian team have now become a commonly acknowledged fact. Is it that the fielding coach is going to sprinkle some magic on 25+yr olds who have been playing this game for more than a decade and make them bend and twist along the lines of cricket’s ex-Mr. Fielding Jonty Rhodes? The Indian fielders cannot perform basic fielding actions with precision like bending down fully and collecting the ball cleanly. Is that really something for which you need a full-time, dedicated coach? Mohammed Yousuf has now demanded a batting coach because his side has stumbled twice against the average spin of Nathan Hauritz & Co. What are we supposed to believe? The Pakistani batsmen who dug out the short pitched bowling that supposed to be their nemesis but got out repeatedly to a lollypop bowler like Hauritz are going to be re-taught how to play down flighted deliveries? Seriously, we need some sense being knocked into captains who just cannot acknowledge the fact that their sides are performing badly in a certain way simply because there is lack of application. How about keeping a coach for being honest and forthright if we are already on a coach-appointing spree??


  1. U shouldn't read too much into what goes on in Pakistan cricket. Apart from the fact that they are playing international cricket again, is a huge acheivement in itself.

  2. With the amount of cricket being played, it is only natural that the team needs more heads to take care of various departments. yes, the basics shouldn't be spoonfed to international players, but then saying outrightly that every team is over-coaching isn't the right statement to make, either.


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