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Pakistan bowled too short to make an Impact

Pakistan had an excellent opportunity to dent Australia's batting confidence in the first test matched but as it turns out, their bowlers just weren't up to the mark when it come to bowling, actually, wicket-taking deliveries. Most of the bowling was just too short. It seemed that the Pakistani bowlers got too excited by the lure of bowling on a bouncy track and kept on pitching it
so short that the ball just didn't make the kind of impact most experts were believing it would make. Nearly every bowler seemed obsessed with trying to bounce out the Aussie batsmen, ignoring the fact that these batsmen are more equipped than most to play the short ball and bouncers don't work if you keep bowling them with mundane regularity. I believe the real ace with the Pakistanis lies in their ability to swing the new and the old ball and that is what they should be concentrating upon rather than trying to further their speed-guns or trying to hit the helmets of the batsmen. Rauf hasn't played much cricket but he does look like a good, line & length type bowling if he can just pitch the ball, a bit further up. Even Ajmal was guilt of not floating the ball - something that has given him bucketful of wickets. The fact that even Nathan Hauritz got stuck into the Pak bowling underlines the fact that the bowlers weren't threatening. Pakistan can still bail themselves out, they do have the firepower, it just needs to get on the right radar.

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