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Making things ugly… definitely, an Aussie thing

This may sound a bit biased to some but the fact remains that the ugliest of on-field cricketing confrontations have involved Aussies over the last decade. They call it ‘ruthless aggression’, Down Under but it seems more like staged, stereotype acts of verbal abuse that are now getting ridiculously, repetitive… and I say this in reference to the latest to victim to the Australia’s cricketing abusing tradition — Suleiman Benn, the West Indian spinner, in the ongoing test match between the two nations.
Mitchell Johnson had absolutely no reason to get so physical with Benn over something so trivial as accidental contact between the two. Johnson’s actions seemed to be directed at up-keeping the Australian habit of being ‘sour losers’. However, this time they hadn’t even lost. It is just that during the second test of the series, for the first time in a long time, the WI had put up some sort of a resistance. It is obvious that this mere semblance of some resistance among the opposition team members and the fiery innings played by Chris Gayle during the WI reply in the ongoing test match rattled the Australians. This time Brad Haddin too joined in the confrontation with Benn, though there was absolutely no need for his opinion, since the controversial proceedings had little to do with him…but then, it wouldn’t have been a typically Aussie thing to do, i.e. stepping-in in and getting physical without any reasoning whatsoever. When your captain, Mr. Ponting himself, is looked upon as someone dishonest enough to claim ‘grounded’ catches (remember the test match against the Indians last year and Ponting’s sullen face when he was asked about the same during a post-match conference?), you cannot expect anything better from the men that he commands.

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