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Brad Hodge Joins the list of 'could-have-been-greats' from Australia

Brad Hodge joined the list of a few former Australian players, particularly batsmen, who promised a lot but could not really deliver when they were launched in the international scene. A few other names that instantly come to mind are that of Greg Blewett and Stuart Law. Both were rated highly by the likes of Allan Border and Greg Chapell but just like Hodge they made tons of runs in the Aussie domestic circuit and made outstanding captains for their respective county sidesbut could not cement their places in the national side. Blewett for one was hailed by many as the next big thing to come from Australia before the likes ofPonting and Gilchrist came to the fore and stole the limelight. However, here is still saying goodbye to Hodge as he retires from first-class and competitive cricket.

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