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Zaheer looks really out-of-shape

It is nice to see Zaheer back in the team but for the moment, he looks seriously out of shape with his belly showing clearing through his white outfit. He is down on pace and his jump at the time of delivery has almost vanished. I am no sports medicine/fitness expert but I guess, the lull that he had due to a shoulder injury could have been at least dedicated towards keeping his weight down with some basic cardio conditioning. I mean, he is a fast bowler and unlike batsmen, he just cannot affordt to pile upon the pounds the way he has and looks totally unfit to play. Sree on the other hand has just come back after 18 months from a county stint, looking agile and an improved bowler. Injuries are tough on bowlers but with the kind of facilities at the disposal of players today, is it so difficult just ensuring that you fit into your old clothes?

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