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The question of the Pathan brothers

It was ages ago that Irfan Pathan was opening the bowling for India, swinging every ball to such an extent that he was heralded as the next Akram. However, as things stand now, he has lost his pace, guile and the swing seems to have totally vanished. From being heralded as an all-rounder he has now been reduced to a bits-and-pieces whose performance even in the domestic circuit is nothing exemplary. It is a freefall as far as his career graph is concerned and similarly, his elder brother, Yusuf seems headed in the same direction. He was never a spinner to begin with, so his batting was supposed to be his USP but he seems like someone who is capable of delivering the goods only when the pitches are the kind wherein 350+ runs can be scored (ODIs) or for the T20 format and in that format too, he hasn't been outrightly impressive.

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