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Dead pitches are hurting India badly

The ongoing test series between Sri Lanka and India is ample proof of how the game's administrators are slowly killing the game. Anyone who watched the first test match would say that the number of runs being scored are bordering on the excessvie and there needs to be some sort of answerability from the authorities who approve of such dud pitches. Just to add one thing, the last two test matches against the Lankans that yielded results and were partially reponsible for helping India scale the number one ranking in test cricket too weren't the best in terms of providing equaly opportunities to both sides. I feel that the Barbourne stadium was still pretty decent but apart from that the entire series has been a letdown in terms of providing little assistance to the bowlers. Lankans got out mainly due to the pressure of the massive totals that Indians piled on them rather than Bhajji turning the ball square or the pithc weathering on day four - five. There have been all sorts of suggestions by former cricketers who have been harping on the same issue of increasing the number of test matches played by teams like India and Sri Lanka, but there is a need to address the issue that only result-oriented test cricket needs to be promoted. If this means providing slightly under-prepared pitches where the top surface comes-off on the fourth day, then be it... at least, the spectators, both at home and in the stadium will have something to cheer for. Such pitches will make batting survival intersting for a change and even maidens bowled at attacking batsmen would become watchable. We all hear about former opening batsmen talking about pitches in the West Indies during the 80s, where it was sure that you would get hit in on the helment and every Caribbean tour was looked upon as a test of survival..yes, the Calypso bowlers were great too, but then their efficiency took upon scary proportions due to the nature of playing strip and that is what we need - to put some fear back into the batsmen.

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